Jeff Downey graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering in 1975 and joined Metallurgical Engineers as
a proposal/project engineer designing fired heaters and high temperature heat exchangers. From there, via Ralph M Parsons where he was a Senior Heat Transfer Engineer, he joined Davy Powergas in 1979. The company has been renamed and purchased too many times to be listed here. He started as a Fired and Special Equipment Engineer designing steam/methane reformers as well as working on a wide range of heat transfer equipment including partial oxidation boilers, flare systems and often getting involved in ‘off piste’ activities such as litigation. He rose to the position of Chief Engineer of the Fabricated Equipment Group. In 1995 Jeff progressed to Manager of Design Engineering, which included responsibility for electrical, instrumentation and piping with additional responsibility for IT and Procurement, whilst becoming a member of the Company Management Committee. In 1998 he became Vice President - Design Engineering. In October 2015 Jeff retired