Mike Ackrill Award

The Mike Ackrill Award is given annually to the person who gives the best presentation at an hts Forum. The criteria for the award are that the presentation

  • Contains information of significant value to a sector of the heat-transfer industry especially if of topical nature.
  • Contains information which may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) rather than simply being an advert for the companies products or services.
  • Is clearly and logically presented.

The award winners hold the cup for a year and receive an engraved tankard.

Title Created Date
Managing Tube Rupture Failure Risks in Pressure Relief Systems by Philip A. Henry 27 October 2023
Impedance heating technology, Jim Bernie and Luc-Stephane Schroeder of Chromalox International 21 November 2006
Presentation on Osborne Reynolds by Professor Derek Jackson of University of Manchester 15 February 2005
Robert Ashe and Richard Barker of Ashe Morris - New Areas in Heat Transfer 17 September 2002