Graham Hart graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford in 1969 and his first job was as a Process Engineer with BTI Chemicals. It was during this time that he decided to make the leap of faith into starting Graham Hart (Process Technology) Limited, something he had always dreamed of. Initially he was Process Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Draughtsman, Purchaser, Manufacturer and Site Installer (he still has pipe fitters hands to prove it). As the company grew, his focus moved towards process design and more specifically heat transfer. A passion for problem solving meant that Graham gained a reputation for getting the odd ball projects and he has accumulated an extensive catalogue of weird and wonderfully shaped heat exchangers. After 45 years the company has now all but outgrown its third property and is embarking on its next phase of expansion. While starting and running your own company requires skills in business and management, Graham is never happier than when faced with a multi-phase heat transfer problem and preferably one where no existing software is available and he has to write a programme himself to solve it.