Joe Quarini  graduated from Queen Mary, London, in Nuclear Engineering where he also gained his PhD in turbulence theory in 1977 before joining Harwell Laboratory. He developed a research focus on buoyancy dominated convective heat transfer. In the early 1970’s Geoff Hewitt founded HTFS in the Harwell laboratory and Joe served as technical manager from 1986 to 1988. In 1989 Joe set up a computational fluid dynamics software and consultancy activity, CFX, within Harwell. CFX grew to become the second largest commercial CFD software provider in the world, before being acquired by ANSYS. Joe now teaches in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Bristol University and his research interests focus on ice slurries, and in particular “ice pigs” which can clean pipes and process equipment with variable and challenging topologies. Ice pigging is becoming the cleaning method of choice in the potable water supply industry, and is finding its way into food and beverage, nuclear, chemical industries. Joe’s recent work has focused on increasing longevity and cleaning performance of the ice pig, which is, of course determined by heat transfer, a topic at the very core of our Society.