Over the past decade, nano bubbles, small sub-micrometer gas-containing cavities in fluids, have been shown to be foundational in nature and powerful in mechanical and chemical action. They hold promise as environmentally smart treatments in numerous medical and industrial fields. Through governmental studies, university research and commercial applications, we have developed a desirable, simple, cost effective and low energy method to generate them. The presentation will discuss the almost magical science of nano bubbles, their method of creation, their environmental impact on heat exchanger fouling and varied industrial case studies.

This joint forum with the UK National Committee for Heat Transfer will held on Friday, 7th June 2024, starting at 12 noon (for one hour).
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Michael Radicone
President and chief science officer of I2 Air Fluid Innovation and Specialty Product Lead for HTRI. At I2 Air Fluid Innovation, he has developed and patented technologies that address heat exchange fouling, toxic mercury presence in fluids, flue gas scrubber enhancement, medical and dental waterline microbial fouling and aortic catheter disinfection. As specialty Product Lead for HTRI, he oversees development and integration of the Vapor Nano Bubble Infusion technology. The recipient of seven governmental grants, he is published and peer reviewed and has presented the technology worldwide.

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