Guidelines for articles



Please understand that this web site is developed and maintained by an unpaid Member of the hts committee.  The following guidelines are to enable the web manager to upload your article quickly and without problems.  hts therefore reserve the right to refuse to upload any article which does not conform to these guidelines.  We don't say this to be awkward but simply because we do not have time and manpower to convert and edit information.

Forum presenters are invited to give a short article about their presentation to be included on the News page.  In addition to, or instead of, the article, presenters are invited to provide a copy of the slides used for their presentation.

The guidelines are as follows

For the article

  • Text must be sent in a Word document which is no more than 500 words (as shown by the word-count tool).  This number of words includes everything to appear on the web page including the title, any acknowledgement, any copyright statement and figure captions.

  • Text must involve straightforward paragraphs with no complicated formatting.  Do not use equations constructed using the Word equation editor.  You can include equations provided they are one-line involving no subscripts, superscript or non-roman characters.  Simple tables are also acceptable.

  • It would help greatly if the text were in Times New Roman, 12 point and left justified.

  • You can include one figure which may be in gif format (usually best for line drawings or figures involving uniform colours) or jpeg format (usually best for photographs).  The figure sent must be no greater than 300 kbytes.  We will resize this to about 20 kbytes to include on the web site.

  • Figures must be sent as separate attachments to the word document rather than embedded in the document.

  • Submitting an article means that either you retain the copyright and are giving us permission to include the article on our web site, or that the copyright becomes that of the Society.  If you wish to retain the copyright, please say so in your covering e-mail and include a copyright statement in your article.

  • We reserve the right to reject any article which we feel is incompatible with our our aims and objectives.

For the slides

  • The slides must be converted to a pdf document.  Typically, with PowerPoint presentations, the pdf will be of the 'handout' using 2 or 3 slides per page.

  • The pdf file must be less that 1000 kbytes.

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