Date Event Venue
5 March Annual General Meeting, The Kings Head Pub in the upstairs function room, 13 Westmoreland Street, Marylebone, London W1G 8PJ.  Download Agenda: downloads/AGM_2019.pdf London
29 March Annual Dinner.  Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 to 65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA. downloads/Annual_dinner_information_2019.pdf London
25 April

Event by the UK National Heat Transfer Committee, a one-day workshop on: Heat Transfer Research, Education and Practice in the UK; co-located with the Thermal Engineering Show at the Roundhouse in Derby. For details go to the NEWS page.




Date Event Venue
13 February Annual General Meeting, Fountains Abbey Pub in the upstairs function room, 109 Praed Street, Paddington, London W2 1RL. downloads/AGM-2018.pdf downloads/Financial_Report_Dec_2017.pdf London
23 March Annual Dinner.  Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 to 65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA downloads/Annual_Dinner_2018.pdf London
18 October

President's night Forum, Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, The Society President will address the Society on "Recent Developments in Concentrating Solar Thermal Power"

Download details here: downloads/Presidents_Night_Forum_2018.pdf

The presentation is at 7.00 pm with a buffet from 6.00 pm.

The venue is St. Matthew’s Conference Centre, 20 Great Peter Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 2BU.

Nearest stations are St James’s Park and Westminster.

We are using Eventbrite for bookings for this event. Please book your place at


St. Matthew’s Conference Centre, 20 Great Peter Street, Westminster, London, 




Date Event Venue
19 January  Forum Evening.  William Osley of Calgavin Ltd will talk on the practical uses of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Download presentation London
21 February Site visit. Surrey Satellite Technology, Guildford, to learn about heat transfer in space Guildford
7 March Annual General Meeting London
31 March Annual Dinner London
13 June Forum Evening.  Simon Earland of Earland Engineering Ltd will highlight the changes in the new PED London
4-5 September UK Heat Transfer Conference Brunel University
12 September Forum Evening.  Presentation by hts award winner Rob Parish on the optimisation of cooling photovoltaic solar panels through CFD London
19 October

President's Night. Stuart Cameron, the society's President made his presentation on the subject of: A comparison of the ASME and European Standards to achieve safe boiler operation. 


A copy of this presentation can be downloaded from the following link: downloads/Presidents_Night_Presentation2017.pdf

22 November

Forum Evening. Simon Kretzschmar, Sales and Applications Manager (Flare Systems), Greens Combustion Ltd

Title: Flare Systems - Optimised Operation and Inspection.

The presentation outlined good practice in design and operational parameters particularly focussing on newer advances such as online drone inspections and surveys.



The Mitre Pub

24 Craven Terrace



W2 3QH



Events in previous years

Events held in 2016

Date Event Venue
28 January Forum Evening.  Paul Button of Vahterus (UK) Ltd will talk about plate-and-shell heat exchangers London
1 March Annual General Meeting London
18 March Annual Dinner London
21 April Forum Evening London
16 June Forum Evening, Francesco Coletti will talk on fouling and new developments in the Heat Exchanger Design Handbook (HEDH) London
22 September Forum Evening.  Craig Lieb of Zeeco will talk on furnace/boiler retrofits and the European directives. London
19 October President's Night, 19 October, Jeff Downey will talk on the design challenges with large steam reformers London
10 November Forum Evening, 10 November, Zeeco will talk about flare ignition systems Aberdeen
17 November Forum Evening, 17 November, FTL/Osprey will talk about fluidised bed cooling tower technology London


Events held in 2015

Date Event Venue
29 January Forum Evening, Dave Butterworth will talk on the uses and abuses of heat transfer London
3 March Annual General Meeting London
10 March Forum Evening, joint event with SONG on over-pressure protection of high-pressure heat exchangers, London
27 March Annual Dinner London
29 April Aberdeen Evening - Joint Event with IChemE,  Mike McLean of Swift Technology Group Ltd. will talk on applied CFD in upstream process engineering. Aberdeen
14 May Forum Evening - Ian Wigham of Tube Supply International will talk on a solution to airside fouling of air cooled heat exchangers leading to increased plant efficiency and reduction in maintenance London
25 August Aberdeen Forum - Tom Highly and Martin Gough will talk on designing and upgrading tubular heat exchangers in offshore service to reduce weight and space, and maximise performance service life Aberdeen
17 September Forum Evening - Barry Thomas of Valley Forge and Bolt will talk about bolted joints and load indicating technology London
14 October President's Night London
10 November Forum Evening - Hans Zettler, HTRI, will talk about fouling research for undustrial applications London



Events held in 2014

Date Event Venue
14 January Joint event with SONG.  The UNIHEAT Project.  Slides of presentation.


17 February
Note date change
Forum Evening.  Tom Ralston, of AspenTech talked on revealing real exchanger issues with rigorous exchanger models in simulation. London
6 March  AGM London
28 March  50th Anniversary Dinner.  See news item and pictures of event. London
9 April Joint event with SONG, Piper-Alpha retrospective forum


9 September Forum Evening. Dene Halkyard of Flexitallic talked about the latest developments in sealing shell-and-tube heat exchangers London
25 September Joint Event with IChemE Aberdeen Members and SONG.  Shiva Afraste of Alfa Laval talked about the theory behind heat exchangers as applied to plate exchangers. Aberdeen
15 October President's Night, Joe Quarini, the Society President, addressed the Society on The cool ice pig London
18 November Forum Evening, The winners of the 2013 award for the best undergraduate project on heat transfer on cooling gas turbine blades in hostile environments. London


Events held in 2013

Date Event Venue
19 February Forum Evening, Is the On-Line Cleaning of Heat Exchangers About to Become a Reality? by Derek Sumsion, Mechanical Design Engineer, Tube Tech International London
7 March AGM.  Report on meeting London
22 March Annual Dinner.  News item and pictures of event. London
17 April Forum Evening, "Saving fuel, energy and the environment by the application of flare gas recovery," by Trevor Leagas of Zeeco. London
20 June Forum Evening, "Heatric Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers; Applications and Developing Markets" by Rachael Hamilton and Clare Pittaway of Heatric. London
17 September Forum Evening,  Two presentations on fouling.  Jonathan Harris, winner of the 2012 hts Award for the best undergraduate project will talk on cost of fouling in a crude oil preheat train and Barry Crittenden,  Chair of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath, will describe a compact unit to study fouling on enhanced heat transfer surfaces. London
22 October President's Night.   Barry Crittenden, The Society President will address the Society on "Life in the Black".  See slides of presentation. London
5 December Forum Evening.  Blazo Ljubicic of Koch Heat Transfer will talk on Twisted-Tube exchangers.  Event delayed from November. London


Events held in 2012

Date Event Venue
15 February Forum Evening, Zeeco Europe Ltd presentation on the latest boiler burner technology. London
6 March Annual General Meeting London
30 March Annual Dinner London
9 May.  New date Forum Evening.  Presentation by Funke on Plate Heat Exchangers - the next generation. London
12 June.  Forum Evening.  Lakshmi Venkatesh of Petrofac talked about the impact of exchanger design on an LPG recovery process.  Download presentation slides (pdf 2.3 Mb). London
12 September Forum Evening.  Ian Gibbard of Progressive Thermal Engineering talked about troubleshooting steam surface condensers.  Download presentation slides (pdf 1.6 mb).


24 October President's Night London
5 December Forum Evening.  One presentation by one of the winners of the 2011 hts Award and another by Colin Weil on Protecting high pressure heat exchangers from catastrophic tube failure. London


Events held in 2011

Date Event Venue
3 March AGM London
25 March  Annual Dinner London
11 May Forum Evening.  Presentation by Chromalox - Solar heating market, electrical heating and  control systems. London
5 July Forum Evening.  Simon Pugh of IHS on crude oil fouling. London
30 August - 
1 September
Twelfth UK National Heat Transfer Conference Leeds
Tuesday 13 September. Joint hts-SONG meeting on the use of CFD in the design of heat exchangers and process plant. Presented by Simon Lo of CD-adapco.  Presentation (pdf file 5.2 MB). London
20 October President's Night.  Edward Watters, addressed the Society on The environmental challenges facing modern fired heater designers. London
22 November Forum Evening.  Presentation by GEA on industrial experience of fouling in plate heat exchanges.



Events held in 2010

Date Event Venue
2 February Forum Evening.  Hans Zettler updated us on developments in HTRI London
2 March AGM London
16 - 17 March IMechE seminar on bolted flange joints - supported by hts Newcastle
26 March Annual Dinner London
20 April Forum.  Video and discussion on the Rough incident London
9 June Forum.  Peter Drögemüller updated us on new developments in hiTRAN Wire Matrix Elements London
28 September Forum Evening.  Tim Griffin talked about developments in the ASME mechanical design standards. London
21 October  President's Night.  Dave King addressed the Society on "Using Feedback from Operations to Improve Heat Exchanger Designs" London
24 November Forum Evening.  Zeeco Europe Ltd. presentation on "New Technology for Flares and Burners" London


Events held in 2009

Date Event Venue
5 February Forum Evening, CE Marking Requirements for Fired Heaters London
3 March AGM London
27 March Annual Dinner London
24 June Forum evening, simulating shell-side flow patterns. London
20 October President’s Night.  London
27 October Joint event with SONG.  The 'Incredible' Story of the Rough Incident. London


Events held in 2008

Date Event Venue
6 February Forum Evening, Heatric Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchangers London
6 March AGM London
28 March Annual Dinner London
29 April Forum Evening, Improving the Performance of Air-cooled Heat Exchangers London
3 June Forum Evening, Combustion Efficiency Improvement and Emissions Reduction in Refinery Boilers and Furnaces London
23 September Forum Evening, Standards for Pressure and Heat.
Click here for a short paper covering the presentation
(pdf file 36KB)
16 October President's Night London
18 November Forum Evening London
9 December Joint meeting with SONG at the IChemE.
Click here for a a shortened version of the presentation
(pdf file - 2.6MB)

Events held in 2007

Date Event Venue
20 February Forum.  Developments in Burners and Flares.  Presented by Richard Withnall and Martin Beddows of Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Limited London
1 March  AGM London
30 March Annual Dinner London
25 April Forum Evening .  Marc Ellmer, GEA Airflow, on how to make best use of air-cooled exchangers. London
21 June Forum Evening.  The EMbaffle® Heat Exchanger London
10/11 September 10th UK National Heat Transfer Conference. Edinburgh
16 October President’s Night London
22 November
Date change
Forum Evening - repeat of the President's night London


Events held in 2006

Date  Event Venue
19 January Forum.  Henk van der Spek of Howden Cooling Fans will talk about new developments in high efficiency low-noise fans. London
2 March AGM London
31 March Annual Dinner London
7 June  Forum.  Chris Avison of Chart on plate-fin heat exchangers. London
13/18 August 13 International Heat Transfer Conference Sydney,
19 September Forum.  Tim Griffin of AspenTech on developments in the tubesheet design according to ASME London
19 October President's Night.  Alan Guy, our president, introduced a presentation on breech-lock, high-pressure closures. London
21 November Forum.  Jim Bernie and Luc-Stéphane Schroeder of Chromalox International on impedance heating technology. London


Events held in 2005

Date Event Venue
20 January Forum.  Raj Kerai and Nigel Philpott John Zink Company on the basics of Flare systems London
15 February Forum.  Professor Derek Jackson will on Osborne Reynolds London
3 March AGM London
18 March Annual Dinner London
19 April Forum  Martin Gough and colleagues on 25 years of the Cal Gavin inserts. London
19 May Forum.  Eliminating Heat Exchanger Leaks London
16 June Forum.  Funke plate exchangers London
5/6 September UK National Conference on Heat Transfer Manchester
20 October President's Night London
22 November Forum - Gerry Francis of Davy Process Technology Ltd, on stainless-steel heat exchangers London


Events held in 2004

Date Event Venue
24 February Forum.  'Don't be baffled - think twisted,' presented by Alan Guy of Brown Fintube. London
4 March Annual General Meeting London
26 March 40th Annual Dinner London
29-31 March 4th European Thermal Sciences Conference  Birmingham
20 April Forum.  Dave Butterworth of HTFS and ALPEMA on the wonders of multistream heat exchangers.  London
13 May Forum.  Simon Pugh of ESDU on software for approximate design, of shell-and-tube exchangers. London
21 September Forum.  Robert Broad of Alfa Laval on new developments in plate heat exchangers. London
21 October President's Night London
16 November Forum.  John Wintle of TWI on heat exchangers, fitness for purpose London