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The Mike Ackrill Award is given annually to the person who gives the best presentation at an hts Forum. The criteria for the award are that the presentation

  • Contains information of significant value to a sector of the heat-transfer industry especially if of topical nature.
  • Contains information which may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) rather than simply being an advert for the companies products or services.
  • Is clearly and logically presented.

The award winners hold the cup (shown on the right) for a year and receive an engraved tankard.

Mike Ackrill Cup



  • The 2023 award went to Dr. Francesco Coletti, CEO of Hexxcell Ltd. for his Forum presentation entitled "Artificial Intelligence for Thermal Systems: the Good, the Bad, the Hybrid"

  • The 2022 award went to Ing. Marco Olde Heuvel, Sales & Business Development Manager of  HOWDEN Netherlands, for his webinar presentation titled "The Principles of Aerodynamics and Acoustics of Ultra Low Noise Fans". 

  • The 2018 award went to Mr.Simon Kretzschmar, Sales and Applications Manager (Flare Systems), Greens Combustion Ltd for his presentation titled: Flare Systems - Optimised Operation and Inspection.

  • The 2017 award went to two presenters from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd who were Mr Kuo Wong, Head of Subcontracts & Dr. James Mulcahy, Senior Thermal Engineer for their presentation on "The challenges of thermal design for the space environment and SSTL's approach to spacecraft thermal design for a range of orbits and Applications". 

  • The 2016 award went to Paul Button of Vahterus UK Ltd for his presentation on plate-and-shell heat exchangers where he discussed the beginnings of the technology, the reason there was a need in the Market, and the development and construction of these exchangers.

  • The 2015 award went to Dene Halkyard of Flexitallic for his presentation on the latest developments in sealing shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

  • The 2014 award went to Blazo Ljubicic of Koch Heat Transfer for his talk on Twisted-Tube heat exchangers.

  • The 2012 award went to Ian Gibbard of Progressive Thermal Engineering for his presentaion on troubleshooting steam surface condensers.  Download presentation slides (pdf 1.6 mb).

  • The 2011 award went to Simon Pugh of IHS-ESDU for his presentation on on crude oil fouling.

  • The 2010 award went to Nigel Palfreeman and Robert Debes of Zeeco Europe for their presentation on "New Technology for Flares and Burners".

  • The 2009 award went to Glenn Sibbick of Centrica Storage Ltd for his presentation on the ROUGH incidents at a joint hts/SONG meeting.

  • The 2008 award went to Adam Slater of  Heatric for his talk on diffusion bonded heat exchangers.

  • The 2007 award went to Luc-Stephane Schroeder of Chromalox International for his talk on, "Impedance Heating Heating and Melting using TPC Technology."

  • The 2006 award went to Gerry Francis of Davy Process Technology for a talk he gave on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers.

  • The 2005 award went to Derek Jackson for a talk outlining Osborne Reynolds' major research interests whilst he was Professor of Engineering at the University of Manchester. The talk focused on Reynolds' pioneering contribution to subject of convective heat transfer.

  • The 2004 award went to David Butterworth for a talk on why some heat exchangers fail to operate to the design duty.

  • The 2003 award went to Robert Ashe and Richard Barker of Ashe Morris for their forum titled New Areas in Heat Transfer which described a method of controlling heat exchangers by varying the heat transfer area.

  • The 2002 award went to Colin Weil for his presentation on the guideline and recommendations arising from the joint industry study on tube failure in a shell-and-tube exchanger with high pressure in the tubes.

  • The 2001 award went to Hugh Goyder for his presentation "Flow-Induced Vibration and Noise" which he gave at the January Forum.  Hugh is a Senior Lecturer at Cranfield University and an expert in noise and vibration.

  • The 2000 award to Richard Jibb for his presentation at the November 1999 Forum entitled "Reflux condensation - integrating heat transfer and separation". This described work done by Richard while working for his engineering doctorate under the joint industry/university EngD scheme. In this case the partnership was between UMIST and Cal Gavin. There is a full report on this in the December 99 Newsletter.

  • The 1999 award went to Simon Noble of Flexitallic Ltd for his presentation on the selection and design of gaskets for heat exchanger applications entitled "High Integrity Joint Sealing".

  • The 1998 award went to John McCutchen, the President of Yuba Heat Transfer who came over from the US in April 97 to give an informative and entertaining presentation entitled "Improve high pressure process heat exchangers by thermal transient analysis with fatigue evaluation".

  • The 1997 award went to Peter Jackson and Roy Godwin of Callidus Technologies for their presentation "Emission control by Callidus LE Series low NOx burners".


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